The Law Offices of David B. Gardner, Inc. provides comprehensive representation in all aspects of United States Immigration and Nationality law.
  • New Entrepreneur Visa bill
    A new version of the Entrepreneur Visa bill provides hope for overseas investors seeking to invest or start up businesses in the United States...
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Representative Clients


Representative Clients

We represent Individuals, Businesses Corporations, Financial Institutions, Educational and Religious Organizations in connection with all types of immigrant and non-immigrant visa matters. We can provide legal services throughout the United States, and act for clients from all regions of the World including Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Russia and former Soviet Union, and Australia. We also represent and assist other lawyers and law firms with immigration and naturalization matters. Our clients include families seeking reunification; professionals, entertainers, business investors, banks, industrial, high-tech and bio-tech companies, as well as religious workers, political refugees and victims of spousal abuse. We find creative and ethical solutions for persons who are in illegal immigration status.

Non-Profit Organizations

We also provide a full range of legal services to the non-profit sector including human rights organizations and international chambers of commerce. We are proud to be of assistance to organizations which contribute to international understanding and cooperation through the mechanism of J-1 and other exchange visitor programs such as: the Middle East Region Professional Training Program; Building Business Bridges ( America Israel Training Program ( as representative of the Council for International Exchanges ( and the Spirit of Youth Foundation (

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