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  1. B-1, Visitor for Business
  2. Admissible business activities are defined in the Foreign Affairs Manual. A B visitor cannot engage in employment and the visit must be of a temporary nature. Business activities should be incidental to work conducted overseas or to promote international trade or commerce.

    (For example, a tailor who came to measure customers was a valid B-1; however, an engineer who came to consult with clients in order to expand work in the United States was denied B-1 status.) The profits and compensation for B-1 visa services must be directed to foreign employer and paid abroad.

  3. B-2, Visitor For Pleasure
  4. Includes tourism, social visits, heath visits, and amateur performances in sports or entertainment events. It can be used for a non-spouse domestic partner regardless of gender.

  5. Visa Waiver Program
  6. Certain countries are exempt from visitor visa applications.

    W/B is same as B-1 without requirement for visa. W/T same as B-2 without requirement for visa A maximum period of stay is under Visa waiver is 90 days without extension As of October 1 2003 all passports must be in machine-readable format (this requirement is already in effect for Belgian nationals).

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