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Political Asylum and Refugees

The immigration laws of the United States provide protection for persons who are fleeing their country of nationality country because of persecution. A refugee application is generally made outside the United States.

An asylee must show either past persecution or a well founded fear of future persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.

Applications for asylum are generally made by persons who are physically present in the United States by filing at an Asylum office. Applications for asylum can also be made at the border or airport by persons who are able to show they have a credible fear of persecution. Applications which are not approved after an interview by an Asylum officer may be referred to the Immigration Court for a full hearing before an Immigration Judge.

Our office has been successful in obtaining grants of many complex political asylum cases at the Asylum office, and in the Immigration Court. We have won asylum cases or obtained other immigration relief for nationals of countries throughout the world including for example: Armenia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, and other former Soviet Union States, Sierra Leone, Syria, Sudan, and Uganda.

Deportation and Immigration Defense

Strict immigration laws enacted in 1996 and subsequently have resulted in significant increases in cases before the immigration courts. The immigration court holds administrative proceedings before an Immigration Judge who will determine factual issues, credibility, questions of law and eligibility for various form of immigration relief to avoid deportation. In some cases the Immigration Judge can exercise his or her discretion as to whether an individual deserves an immigration benefit or relief from deportation. The complexity of the immigration laws demand representation by Attorneys experienced in immigration defense work. Unfortunately many people find themselves in Immigration Court or with deportation orders which cannot easily be undone because they have attempted to represent themselves or have been mislead by unlicensed persons (Notarios) or unqualified lawyers.

We appear regularly in the Immigration Court in Los Angeles to defend persons in deportation and Removal proceedings. We have been successful in obtaining immigration waivers and relief for past criminal convictions as well as obtaining grants of suspension of deportation and cancellation of removal, political asylum and relief under the Convention against Torture.

Immigration Appeals

If for any reason a case is unsuccessful in Immigration court there are strict time limits for filing appeals and Motions to Reopen proceedings. We have a successful track record of winning cases at the Board of Immigration Appeals and in the Federal Courts of Appeal.

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