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DACA Expansion and DAPA Headed to the Supreme Court

Finally, the Supreme Court has announced that it will hear arguments on the lawsuit, which upheld a block on President Barack Obama’s key executive actions on immigration.  A decision by the Court will be issued before the end of June 2016. Undocumented immigrant families across the United States will learn at that time if they will get an opportunity to obtain temporary legal status and work authorization and avoid deportation. Even if the Supreme Court overturns the present injunction, the Government would need to implement these Executive Actions before January 2017 when President Obama leaves office. These Executive actions will not be binding on the next President, although one of the Presidential candidates has announced that she would continue and expand the Deferred Action immigration programs. Other Candidates have argued that the issue of undocumented immigrants is better resolved by Congress within a comprehensive immigration reform legislative program. While we wait for the Supreme Court to issue its decision in June, we offer a free consultation for persons wishing to learn about eligibility requirements for DAPA as well as other immigration options.

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