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07-27-2016  /  By: DBG
We the People
The Naturalization test  is a requirement for most persons who wish to become United States Citizens. This year provides a great opportunity for those who are fortunate to have Naturalized as well as US Citizens  to participate in the greatest Democracy in the history of the world. The right to vote in a Federal Election is the only one Constitutional right granted exclusively to US citizens.To all our citizens please make sure you registered to vote and exercise this treasured right.

Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants

USCIS has published an updated Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants. The guide contains practical information to help new immigrants settle into everyday life in the United States, including how to find a place to live, how to get a Social Security number and how the U.S. system of government works. This publication is available in 14 languages.


Finally, the Supreme Court has announced that it will hear arguments on the lawsuit, which upheld a block on President Barack Obama’s key executive actions on immigration.  A decision by the Court will be issued before the end of June 2016. 

New opportunities for waivers for immigrant visas for person who are unlawfully present in the U.S.
06-29-2015  /  By: Andres Pena
06-10-2015  /  By: Andres Peña
President Obama addressed the nation on Thursday, where he announced his executive action plan on immigration. The plan consists of the following implementations through the Department of Homeland Security. 
11-20-2014  /  By: DG
President Obama  is scheduled to announce his plans for executive action for immigration reform today.
01-20-2013  /  By: DG

Great news for persons who have immediate relative U. S. citizen spouses or parents. The new I-601 waiver policy comes into effect on March 4, 2013, allowing persons who are here unlawfully to apply for a waiver without departing the United States.

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