H-1 B and L-1 fee increases already in effect.

H-1 B and L-1 fee increases already in effect. A recent change in the Law increased fees for certain H-1B and L-1 petitions. Effective August 2010 the fee for certain H-1b employers [hyperlink to H-1 b page] increase by $2000 and for certain L-1 employers [insert hyperlink to l-1 page] increased by $2250. With these new fees, employers filing an H-1b petition could pay as high as $5320 to USCIS for the Government fees alone. An intra- company transferee petition for an L-1 visa [insert hyperlink] could cost as much as $4070 in USCIS fees.

It is not clear whether the Government believes these fee increases will result in higher revenue (defying conventional economic logic) or if they represent a policy shift with a view to discourage hiring of foreign workers. The arguments of Bill Gates on how highly skilled workers benefit the economy and the benefits of the H-1 b program [insert hyperlink] appear to be lost on the present Congress.