Dream Act fails to pass in 2010-what next

The Senate failed to pass the Dream Act in the lame duck session of Congress 2010.We strongly encourage immigration reform advocates to rethink their positions on the Dream Act and other aspects of Immigration Reform.  The Dream Act is just one component of a multitude of challenges which we confront as a nation when considering the controversial topic of immigration. Opponents of the Dream Act have argued that this is not  a priority and that the Congress should focus on the economy. Another Immigration Reform proposal which has received far less attention in the "start up visa" or "Entrepreneur Visa" which was introduced in the Senate in 2010. This proposal would facilitate permanent resident status (green cards) for foreign born business persons or investors who raise capital for start up businesses which create jobs. Why not package the Dream Act with the Entrepreneur Act addressing both the  concerns for the  undocumented students and the concerns for boosting the  economy. Now is the time to contact  Senators and Representatives in the Congress and let them know that Immigration should be a top priority in the new session of Congress starting January 2011.